New York Toy Fair 2013: Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War Lead Gaming Charge

Video and roleplaying game collectibles might not have had quite the presence at Toy Fair 2013 that comic, film and TV had, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of pieces coming in 2013 to look forward to. NECA alone has toys and replicas in the works based on "BioShock Infinite," "Portal" and "Gears of War," while Diamond Select Toys showed off their "Tomb Raider" and "Pathfinder" MiniMates.

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | The third game in the BioShock franchise has been dubbed "Infinite" and goes in a completely different direction than its predecessors. For one thing, it takes place in a sky city instead of underwater. For another, the robots look less menacing than "BioShock's" Big Daddy -- at least a little bit. NECA displayed its Automatic Patriot figure which comes with a gigantic gun as well as a Motorized Sky-Hook prop gun that becomes an integral part of the game. The figures and prop will debut this summer while the game itself has a March 26 release date.

PORTAL | Valve's comedy/action/adventure/sci-fi puzzle game "Portal" made a triumphant return to Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2011 with "Portal 2." Now, to continue celebrating the beloved game, NECA has unveiled a line of action figures to go along with the Portal Gun replica that's available now. The line, which debuted with a Chell figure, already continues this summer with Atlas and P-Body figures. Now they just need to figure out how to recreate the actual Portal Gun in function as well as form!

TOMB RAIDER | 2013 will see a complete relaunch of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise. The simply titled game -- "Tomb Raider" -- is set to debut on March 5 and takes a look at Croft's development into the titular Raider. A new game opens up a world of collectible possibilities including a new line of MiniMates from Diamond Select Toys. While the exact details on the characters have yet to be revealed, you can see the wave includes two versions of Croft as well as some fellow adventures and a few nefarious looking characters.

GEARS OF WAR | NECA will offer two different scales when it comes to the continuation of its Gears of War line. In anticipation of the March 19 release of "Gears of War: Judgement," the company will offer both 7-inch and 3 3/4-inch figures based on the franchise. "Judgement" acts as a prequel following the adventures of Damon Baird and Augustus Cole. The elder Baird was shown off as he will appear in the 7-inch line. Meanwhile, the 3 3/4-inch line which debuts later this month, will see various versions of Dom, Cole, Baird and the gang.

PATHFINDER | Roleplaying game fans also got some MiniMates love from Diamond Select Toys who will offer a 4-pack of figures based on the expansive game. The fantasy characters are also feature in a comic written by "Skullkickers" creator Jim Zubkavich for Dynamite. DST also had the 10-inch Licktoad Goblin plus on display for all your monster-cuddling needs.

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