New York Times Brings Graphic Novels Back to Bestseller List

After two years of not including them among its various bestseller lists, The New York Times' Book Review feature announced it will bring back lists including bestselling graphic novels and trade paperback collections.

The feature will begin tracking mass-market titles, listed as "Graphic Books," which will include fiction, nonfiction, children's titles and manga as part of its monthly feature of bestselling publications nationwide, organized by genre, medium and target age-range. The inclusion of the bestselling Graphic Books list will first return digitally on October 2 and in the print edition on October 20. Mass market paperback novels will also be making a return to the Book Review.

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"We are thrilled to bring back to our readers graphic books and mass market best sellers as two monthly best-seller lists," Book Review editor Pamela Paul said in a written statement. "Our new monthly graphic books list combines the format as it exists across all platforms -- hardcover, paperback and digital -- in order to represent the range of ways in which publishers create and people of all ages read these books. And readers are passionate about the many genres -- from horror to romance -- represented on the mass market fiction list."

Graphic novels had been included on New York Times' bestseller lists until 2017. The nationally renowned publication's feature has cited reader interest and continued market strength as its primary reasons for bringing the graphic novel list back.

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via The New York Times

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