New York Times adds graphic novel best-seller lists

The New York Times debuted three new best-seller lists today under the heading "Graphic Books": hardcovers, softcovers and manga.

According to the site, the rankings reflect graphic novels sales for the week ending Feb. 28 at thousands of venues around the United States.

The venues they're using to determine the ranks include "hundreds of independent book retailers (statistically weighted to represent all such outlets); national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; university, gift, supermarket, discount department stores and newsstands. In addition, these rankings also include unit sales reported by retailers nationwide that specialize in graphic novels and comic books." Maybe it's just me, but I'd love to know more about the process they used to gather the data, or even a breakdown of what sells the most where. Those kinds of things are always fascinating, to me anyway, but then again I'm the guy who can spend an hour slicing and dicing all the Google Analytics data we collect, too.

So what's making the list this week? Per the intro, a lot of books by Alan Moore. These include Watchmen (No. 1 on the softcover list and no. 3 for hardcovers), The Killing Joke and Avatar's The Courtyard. Topping the hardcover list is the Starman Omnibus Vol. 2, while Naruto owns the manga chart, taking eight of the 10 slots.

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