<i>New York</i> magazine's Top 10 comics of 2010

New York magazine's Vulture blog has unveiled a diverse list of the best comics of the year that, while it doesn't include any superhero selections, features just about everything else.

10. A Drunken Dream and Other Stories, by Moto Hagio (Fantagraphics)9. Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire (Vertigo)8. Pang the Wandering Shaolin Monk, by Ben Costa7. Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory (Image Comics)6. Make Me a Woman, by Vanessa Davis (Drawn & Quarterly)5. Set to Sea, by Drew Weing (Fantagraphics)4. Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka, by Naoki Urasawa (Viz Media)3. Denys Wortman’s New York, Edited by James Sturm and Brandon Elston (Drawn & Quarterly)2. Duncan the Wonder Dog, Show One, by Adam Hines (AdHouse Books)1. Wally Gropius, by Tim Hensley (Fantagraphics)

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