New York Comic Con releases releases complete Artists Alley roster

Official Press Release

Norwalk, CT, March 6, 2008: The New York Comic Con (NYCC) today revealed the complete roster of the comic book legends, luminaries, and rising stars who'll appear in its 2008 Artist Alley. The 2008 New York Comic Con takes place April 18-20 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City and features Guests of Honor including Mike Mignola, Grant Morrison, and T.M.Revolution.

Artist Alley is a division of NYCC's Exhibition Hall reserved for comic book and pop culture creators -- both legendary as well as emerging -- and is a unique arena that allows for creators and fans to personally interact. Highlights from New York Comic Con's Artist Alley include Mark Buckingham, C.B. Cebulski, Colleen Doran, Danny Fingeroth, Keith Giffen, Bob Layton, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Monte Moore, Rags Morales, John Romita, Jr., Jim Shooter, and Jim Valentino.


"Everything we do at New York Comic Con is about experience," Show Manager Lance Fensterman said. "While the show is only three days in April, we endeavor to create something that'll remain for a lifetime in memory, and out of everything we're planning, it's the talent and interaction in Artist Alley that may be many attendees' favorite memory."

New York Comic Con 2008's Artist Alley is the result of months of work from NYCC's team and also one of NYCC's most-asked-about attractions. The complete listing is available now at newyorkcomiccon.com and also appears below…



Bob Almond

Franco Aureliani

Dick Ayers

Michael Bair

Matt "Batt" Banning

Jason Baroody

Chris Batista

Carolyn Belefski

Steve Belledin

Dan Berger

Rich Bernatovech

Simone Bianchi

Jake Black

Greg Blazer

Anna Warren Boersig

Jon Bogdanove

Ken Branch

Ivan Brandon

Mark Brooks

Charles Brown

Mark Buckingham

Rich Buckler


James Campbell

Nick Cardy

Joshua Carter

John Cebollero

C.B. Cebulski


Justin "Spanky" Cermak

Phillip Chan

Jeff Chandler

Bernard Chang

Sean Chen

Cliff Chiang

Dan Chichester

Kari Christensen

Lawrence Christmas

Tom Chu

Matthew Clark

Phillip Clarke

Classic Comics Press

Olivier Coipel

Eugene Commodore

Amanda Conner

Darwyn Cooke

Dan Cooney

Ed Counts

Molly Crabapple Illustration

Wes Craig

Carlos D'Anda

Peter David

Albert Debnam

Nelson DeCastro

Todd Dezago

Marko Djurdjevic

Michael Dolce

Derec Donovan

Michael Dooney

Colleen Doran

Dale Eaglesham

Tommy Lee Edwards

Steve Ellis

Steve Epting

Mark Evanier

Jesse Farrell

Ray Felix

Will Finan

David Finch

Michael Finger

Danny Fingeroth

Ramona Fradon

Gary Friedrich

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

Ron Garney

Michael Gaydos

Randy Gentile

Keith Giffen

Sam Girdich

Basil Gogos

Dan Goldman

Dan Goodsell

Trevor Goring

Keron Grant

Michael Grassia

Scott Grimando

Geoff Grogan

Peter Gross

Yvel Guichet

Brad Guigar

Wesley Gunn

Brian Haberlin

Carissa Halston

Ryusuke Hamamoto

Craig Hamilton

Scott Hanna

Jesse Hansen

Fred Harper

Dean Haspiel

Lewis Helfand

Clayton Henry

Janet Hetherington

David Hillman

Bryan Hitch

Greg Horn

Richard Howell

Mike Huddleson

Jamal Igle

Phil Jimenez

Geoff Johns

Veronica Jones

JG Jones

Veronica Jones

Kris Justice

Paul Michael Kane

Eric Kayser

Joe Kelly

Carl Kent

Karl Kerschl

Barbara Kesel

Danny Kimanyen

J.J. Kirby

Blair Kitchen

Douglas Klauba

Chirstopher Knowles

Jim Kyle

Andy Lanning

Serge LaPointe

Bob Larkin

Steve Lavigne

Jim Lawson

Bob Layton

Jim Lee

Fred Van Lente

John Paul Leon

Tim Leong

Rob Liefeld

Mike Lilly

Lisa Lin

John Livesay

Mike Lopez

Aaron Lopresti

John Lucas

Julian Lytle

Kevin Maguire

Jason Martin

Ron Marz

Jason McKee

Mike McKone

Frank McLaughlin

Bob McLeod

Steve McNiven

Jason Millet

Welson Miu

Richard Molinelli

Christian Montalvo

Steve Montano

David Montoya

Monte Moore

Mark Morales

Rags Morales

Alex Morrissey

Patricia Mulvihill

Steve Murphy

David Nakayama

Daniel Narkrosis

Todd Nauk

Shaun Noel

Dan Nokes

Oliver Nome

Steve Noppenberger

Steven O'Connell

Michaal Avon Oeming

Ken Okabayashi

Denny O'Neal

Joshua Ortega

Jean Claude Padilla

Jimmy Palmiotti

Yanick Paquette

Dan Parent

Andrew Pepoy

Marcos Perez

Khoi Pham

Caleb Prochnow

David Quiles

Rodney Ramos

Tom Raney

Jon Reed

Robert Reilly

Ivan Reis

Michael Renzine

Dan. H. Richards

Paolo Rivera

Martin Robaszewski

Andrew Robinson

John Romita, Jr

Shane Rooks

Craig Rousseau

Stephane Roux

Josef Rubinstein

Steve Rude

Michael Ryan

Mark Sable

Steve Sadowski

Daniel Salgo

Alex Saviuk

David Seidman

Dave Shelton

Jim Shooter

Ryan Sias

Joe Simon

Walter Simonson

Louise Simonson

Joe Sinnott

Louis Small

Timothy Smith

Tom Smith

Sergio Solero

Christian Spollen

Joe Staton

Christina Strain

Ron Sutton

Arthur Suydam

Jonathan Syphax

Craig Taillefer

Eric Talbot

Billy Tan

Mark Texiera

Art Thibert

Andie Tong

Willard Torres

Gia-Bio Tran

Steve Uy

Tom Valenti

Jim Valentino

Fred Van Lente

Ethan Van Sciver

Ceasar Vargas

Samuel Vera

Dexter Vines

Peter Vinton

Steve Walker

Emily Warren

Lee Weeks

Graig Weich

Graig Weich

Scott Weinstein

Scott Weinstein

Chris Weston

Renee Whittersatter

Bob Wiacek

Keith Williams

Ven Yann


New York Comic Con is the East Coast's biggest and most exciting popular culture convention. Our show floor plays host to the latest and greatest in comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Our panels and autograph sessions give fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators. Our screening rooms feature sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either big or small screens. And with dedicated professional hours, New York Comic Con is a market place, bringing together the major players in the entertainment industry. New York Comic Con is the second largest pop culture convention in America and the only one that takes place in the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world -- Gotham City. Further information can be found at newyorkcomiccon.com.


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