New York Comic Con Meet-Ups!

This weekend is the New York Comic Con, so here is your chance to meet up with yours truly, as well as a bunch of your other fellow comic fans!

There are currently two significant meet-ups planned involving folks from this here comic book blog.

On Friday night, at 8pm, there will be a dinner at Hudson Yards Cafe, 450 10th Ave. 35th St.

I will be there, along with some other comic fan friends of mine.

There most likely will be drinks afterwards. Nothing more fun than drinking with fellow comic fans!

For this event, I would like for you to reply in the comments section, ASAP, if you plan on attending. I would like to have a good head count to see how many seats we need (and the ASAP part is because the event is coming up on us quickly!).

On Saturday night, at Alex Cox's wonderful store Rocketship, there will be a comic release party (just read the flyer below).

I will be there, too, as will fellow blogger Joe Rice, and tons of other comic book fans.

So, really, folks - if you're planning on attending New York Comic Con, you really ought to attend one (or BOTH) of these meet-ups. Why would you pass up the opportunity to meet me?

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