New York brewery to debut exclusive King Kirby Ale at fundraiser

To help celebrate what would've been Jack Kirby's 98th birthday, Shmaltz Brewery in Clifton Park, New York, will debut a limited-edition King Kirby Ale as part of an Aug. 28 fundraiser to benefit The Hero Initiative. A limited number of cases will be available for purchase at the event.

Approached by local artists about holding an event, the brewery went a step further and created the exclusive ale (available as both pale and dark), which features a label designed by Paul Harding. "I tried to capture Kirby from an angle that few have seen before," the Clifton Park artist said in a statement, "in a way that people can actually look up to him and get a sense of his artistic power."

There will be more than beer at the event, which will also include live music, birthday cake, and signings and sketches by Harding, Ron Marz, Tom Raney, Fred Van Lente, Crystal Skillman and others.

Tickets, which cost $20, can be purchased online. For information on more Aug. 28 events celebrating Kirby's birthday, visit the Kirby4Heroes website and Facebook page.

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