New 'X-Files' Poster Combines Iconic Adversary & Slogan

"The truth is out there," "deny everything" -- during it's initial nine-season run, the "X-Files" capped off every opening credits sequence with a slogan that summed up the atmosphere of the unfolding episode. The latest poster for the new batch of "X-Files" episodes, which arrive in January on Fox, has brought back one of the show's most often quoted taglines: "Trust no one."

The image, revealed over at TV Line, features the heavy-hitting words placed inside a familiar -- and menacing -- silhouette. That's Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis) right there, the show's primary antagonist and a man so mysterious that fans had to name him based on his ever present nasty habit. Even though CSM seemingly perished in the show's series finale back in 2002, that apparently hasn't stopped him from making an appearance in the new mini-series.

A new "X-Files" promo will air tonight during "Gotham" on Fox. The revival returns to the airwaves on January 24, 2016.

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