New website, MySpace page launched for "Leviticus Cross"

Official Press Release

Hays Entertainment has launched a new website and myspace page for its debut series Leviticus Cross. The sites feature information on the Leviticus Cross comic and its expanded universe, including character art and bios, plus trailers and other bonus content. It's a coming of age story in a prehistoric past, in which a girl named Shadow must accept her destiny.

"We've been working on the site for a very long time," says Leviticus Cross creator Seth Hays. "It has a clean and easy to navigate layout with elements of mystery and fantasy that gets you excited to see what's coming next."

Issue one of the series is available for pre-order now through Diamond Distributors and will be on shelves in the US in November. Artwork for the first six issues has been completed to ensure Leviticus Cross ships on a monthly schedule.

Currently Hays Entertainment is looking at other media options with some big name studios. "If all goes well you will shortly be seeing a lot more of the Leviticus Cross universe," says Hays.

Fans can find information for Leviticus Cross at the website www.leviticuscross.com and www.myspace.com/leviticuscross and from local comic shops, or by contacting the Comic Shop Locator Service toll free at 1-888-COMICBOOK (1-888-266- 4226) or online at http://csls.diamondcomics.com.

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