The 10 Most Powerful Members of The New Warriors, Ranked

When it was announced that an adaptation of the popular 90s superhero team the New Warriors would be heading to the small screen, Marvel seemed set on entering a new genre of television. The series mixed and matched a few different iterations of the team together for their adaptation, and things started to look troubled as the show ramped up production.

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Unfortunately, the New Warriors series was dropped by the network before filming, yet fans are still hoping to see the return of the 90s team in some form. Of course, just because the team started as teen heroes doesn't mean the New Warriors doesn't have some heavy-hitters on the roster. Let's take a look at the most powerful members of the New Warriors!

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Rina Patel was one of the final additions to the original line-up of the New Warriors. She brought with her warnings of an apocalyptic event that resulted in not only her death, but the deaths of the New Warriors and all of New York. She learned of this attack through prophetic visions, though that was only a glimpse at her powers.

Rina learned she was not only able to exchange her consciousness between her past and future selves, but she could also slow down time around her, simulating super speed. The ability didn't allow her to outrun a nuclear bomb, but the creeping explosion triggered her ability to timeslip moments before it happened, allowing her to change the timeline in her favor.


Vance Astrovik was one of the founding members of the New Warriors, though he was originally known as Marvel Boy. He joined the New Warriors after his powers developed following an encounter with a future version of himself, Vance Astro/Major Victory of the original Guardians of the Galaxy. This Vance warned him away from creating Astro's future.

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Justice would lead the team on and off over the years, and would even fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming an Avenger, though his time with the team was short-lived. While Vance is a powerful telekinetic, he doesn't rank high among some of the other mutant psionics in the Marvel universe. Still, he makes up for it with enthusiasm and leadership skills.


In a very rare case, Elvin Halliday/Rage was an Avenger briefly before he joined with the New Warriors. Following teenager Elvin's exposure to toxic waste, his body quickly grew to adulthood and he developed super strength and durability. This misconception of his age is what led to his dismissal from the Avengers.

Rage worked with the New Warriors for years, after he developed a close relationship with occasional team leader Night Thrasher. Rage would eventually become a reserve Avenger again, though his strength wouldn't be enough to save him from the flawed court system, and finally, the Poison invasion that eventually took his life.


As her name so subtly implies, Namorita is closely related to Namor, one of Marvel's oldest characters. It's a little confusing, but Namorita is a clone of her mother Namora, who is Namor's cousin. As Atlanteans, both Namor and Namorita can breathe air or water, fly thanks to the wings on their ankles, and have the incredible strength and durability required to live in the ocean's depths.

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Namorita was already a powerful member of the New Warriors, yet she underwent a transformation that activated dormant Atlantean genes, transforming her into Kymaera. While she retained heightened versions of her previous abilities, she could now also organically camouflage herself and secrete corrosive acid or a paralytic toxin from her hands.


After walking in on an experiment with an other-dimensional energy source, Robbie Baldwin was bombarded with said energy and developed a kinetic energy field that would explosively repel all energy directed at it, meaning Robbie would often bounce uncontrollably around a room. As Speedball, Robbie was a part of almost every iteration of the New Warriors over the years.

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Robbie's powers have changed a bit over the years, such as his time as Penance with the Thunderbolts, but his kinetic field always makes him a serious threat on the battlefield. Not ranked? Niels the cat, who was exposed to the same experiment as Robbie and gained the same powers. Niels had his own adventures with the Pet Avengers as the superpowered Hairball.


There have actually been two different versions of Scarlet Spider who have served on the New Warriors at different times. While Spider-Man was always friendly with the team, it wasn't until his clone Ben Reilly became the first Scarlet Spider that the New Warriors invited the webhead onto the team for a brief period.

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It was years later that Justice, Speedball, and a new team of young heroes joined up with the second Scarlet Spider, Kaine Parker, yet another clone of Spider-Man. That iteration of the New Warriors was short-lived, but the power levels of both Scarlet Spiders rank high above the rest of the New Warriors.


Firestar Amazing Friends

Angelica Jones was first introduced on the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series before being introduced in Uncanny X-Men and later her own mini-series. Firestar would help found the New Warriors before moving on to join the Avengers and the X-Men after her time with the team.

Firestar's powers are microwave-based, making her a bit more dangerous than your average fire-based hero, and she has very destructive upper-levels to her powers that are rarely tapped. Due to the overabundance of microwave emissions in space, Firestar is even more powerful when out of Earth's atmosphere, given the extra energy she is able to safely absorb and manipulate.


Alex Power was a part of a young supergroup known as the Power Pack, featuring Alex and his superpowered siblings as they interacted with the heroes of the Marvel Universe and fought some of the most dangerous villains of the time. The children had gained their powers from the alien Kymellian race, with each child exhibiting a different ability.

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Alex was originally able to control and manipulate gravity, though the kids were at times able to switch powers with each other. When Alex was a teenager and joined the New Warriors, he had absorbed the abilities of his entire family (energy manipulation, super-speed flight, and density control) becoming Powerpax and later Powerhouse with the Future Foundation.



Two years ago Darkhawk might not have made it too high on this list, as while he wore a powerful suit of armor during his first appearances with the New Warriors, he wasn't very skilled with the alien tech. Things have changed for Chris Powell in recent years. Not only has he gotten better as a superhero, but the Darkhawk armor itself has received a major upgrade.

After learning much more about his armor (which formerly belonged to the cosmic group known as the Fraternity of Raptors), Powell bonded with the mystical amulet that transformed him and unlocked the true power of the Darkhawk armor. This included the ability to transform into different reconfigurations of the armor, including his very own mecha spaceship!


Nova RIchard Rider

While he was known as Kid Nova during his first appearance with the New Warriors, Richard Rider would become arguably the greatest hero to come out of the New Warriors. Nova the Human Rocket was given the powers of the Nova Corps after the planet of Xandar was destroyed, and he became the last Nova.

Eventually, he was given the entirety of the Nova Force to wield and played a crucial role in many cosmic events, most notably Annihilation. As Nova, Rich can fly at incredible speeds, has increased strength and durability, and can absorb energy to re-channel as gravimetric energy, which can be used both offensively and to create wormholes for quick space travel.

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