"New Warriors" #1 Rises From The Ashes

The New Warriors are dead…long live the New Warriors?

This June, resistance isn't futile-it's necessary-as Marvel presents the newest incarnation of New Warriors, written by Kevin Grevioux and illustrated by Paco Medina. In the wake of Civil War and superhero registration in full effect thanks to the Initiative, one expects a new era of order and stability…so why are gift-wrapped super-villains turning up at City Hall while pro-registration posters are being defaced? The clues are two letters "NW," that point to the superhero team known as the New Warriors, who seemingly destroyed in the wake of their role in Civil War. However, while this may be a new collection of, well, New Warriors, the heroes behind these masks are familiar faces-but if you want to know who, you'll have to read the series!

Just who are the New Warriors? In the past, the team represented a new generation of superheroes, fighting against the evil that polluted America, and exploring the very concept of justice in the modern world. While the true identities of this team's new lineup are not known yet, fans should not be surprised to learn that while their superhero names may be new, the faces underneath are familiar. And is that a former New Warrior in the line-up?

With former New Warriors members such as Rage and Justice working for Tony Stark, intergalactic hero Nova starring in Nova, and the entire registered superhero community opposing them, these new New Warriors have their work cut out for them. But this new incarnation is more than up to the task and will be the talk of Marvel fans everywhere when they learn the secrets behind this new team.



Penciled by PACO MEDINA

Cover by NIC KLEIN

Rated T+ …$2.99

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