New <i>Vampire Diaries</i> Companion Series Is <i>Buffy</i> Meets <i>The X-Files</i>

If you're not wild about the idea of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake only because of Joss Whedon's lack of involvement -- not because you're sick of vampire hunters -- then perhaps you'll find the following news somewhat palatable: another, different slayer-inspired series is in the works, courtesy of someone who knows a thing or two about today's generation of vampires.

The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson is reportedly in the process of developing a potential companion series for his smash hit vampire show. Deadline reports that Williamson's proposed series, currently in early stages of development through Warner Bros. TV for The CW, has been described as The X-Files meets Buffy, with the plot focusing on a group of paranormal investigators. It's believed that Diaries co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec will join Williamson for the new project.

Although many companion and spinoff series get their beginnings through special guest appearances in the proper series -- see The Lone Gunmen out of X-Files, or Angel out of Buffy -- the Deadline report states very clearly: "No, the characters from the new show won't find their way into an episode of Vampire Diaries." Looks like Boone -- err, Damon -- is safe... for now.

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