New Underworld: Blood Wars Trailer Heats Up the Lycan/Vampire War

Hot off the heels of the recent Japanese trailer for "Underworld: Blood Wars," Sony Pictures has just released another new trailer for the film on its official Youtube channel. But this one is aimed at the domestic North American market and contains a lot of new footage.

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After an establishing shot of a vaguely gothic-looking building, the trailer opens with a Vampire coven preparing to defend against a Lycan attack. Things don't seem to go well for the home side, as riot shield-wielding werewolves proceed to shoot out the windows, prompting some fiery vampiric deaths.

There is some exposition covering the centuries-long conflict between Lycans and the Vampires that now looks to be going very badly for the blood-suckers, some talking up of the film's big baddie, the new Lycan leader Marius (played by “Game of Thrones” actor Tobias Menzies) and some emphasis of the film's titular plot point –- that series star Selena (Kate Bekensale) has something in her blood that could hand victory to the Lycans.

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Vampire elder Thomas (played by the ever-brilliant Charles Dance) claims "there has never been a large-scale Lycan attack," which looks to be an incredibly shortsighted statement, based purely on the evidence of this trailer alone.

We then see Selene kicking serious ass in footage that has mostly featured in previous trailers, but with some darker coloring. The fight with the big werewolf in particular now looks like it is taking place at night.

The trailer ends with Selena seemingly replying to Thomas's line, "She is the purest of us all," with the come-back, "I'm not that pure." And we will see exactly how impure she can get when "Underworld: Blood Wars" hits cinema screens on January 6, 2017.

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Directed by Anna Foerster, “Underworld: Blood Wars” also stars Theo James, Trent Garrett, Lara Pulver and Bradley James.

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