New Trade Collects the Very Best of "The Darkness!"

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Continuing the "Decade of Darkness," a celebration of Jackie Estacado's 10th Anniversary, Top Cow Productions announces the upcoming release of The Darkness Ultimate Collection Trade Paperback. The Darkness Ultimate Collection is slated for release in late February. The collection is intended to give established comic fans as well as new fans of the upcoming The Darkness video game the very best of the property in a single volume.

The Darkness Ultimate Collection Trade Paperback collects two pivotal storylines from The Darkness mythos. Both stories feature essential tales of Jackie Estacado as well as some of the top creators to have worked on the property and for Top Cow. Coming of Age, the quintessential Darkness origin story introduces the world to Jackie Estacado, The Darkness, The Brotherhood of the Darkness, and the Angelus. Written by Garth Ennis (Punisher, Preacher) and drawn by Marc Silvestri (Civil War: The Initiative, Hunter-Killer), this is the tale that launched the franchise. Also collected in this volume is Resurrection, the widely acclaimed arc which brought The Darkness back into the forefront and was the primary basis for the video game. Written by Paul Jenkins (Civil War: Frontline, Wolverine: Origin) and drawn by Dale Keown (The Darkness/Pitt, The Incredible Hulk), this arc has Jackie returning from the dead to face off against the nefarious Cousin Paulie. Rounding out the collection is a foreword by lead game designer Jens Andersson, exclusive Behind the Scenes material from the video game, a cover gallery, and more!

Originally solicited in the January Previews (for March shipping items) as The Darkness Volume 1 Coming Of Age Video Game Edition Trade Paperback, the collection was expanded to include Resurrection along with the other bonus material. The Darkness Ultimate Collection Trade Paperback will be 352 pages total with an affordable $19.99 cover price.

"We wanted to release a product that gave fans of the video game an easy access point into the world of The Darkness comics", said Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, "At first, doing a new printing of Coming of Age seemed like the logical choice. But then we realized we wanted to give fans a real value and give them the very BEST of Jackie's adventures. I think they'll get just that with the Ultimate Collection".

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