New Flash Clips Introduce The Rival, Barry's Flashpoint Reality

On the eve of the "The Flash" Season 3 premiere, The CW has unveiled two new clips give fans a look at Central City's newest protector, along with Barry Allen's family dynamic in the "Flashpoint" alternate reality.

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The official "The Flash" Twitter account shared a video of a jaw-dropping race through the streets of Central City between Barry Allen, Wally West (the new Flash of the "Flashpoint" universe), and another speedster dressed in all black. "The Flash" excels at the special effects involved in showing the speed force in action -- buildings whip by in a blur, and aerial shots of the city are laced with red and yellow streaks of kinetic energy.

Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is dressed in the Kid Flash similar to that in the comics, with a yellow mask and shirt and red pants. He even uses The Flash's technique of vibrating his face to hide his secret identity. The new villainous speedster he's up against is The Rival, a newcomer in Season 3 played by Todd Lasance. When Kid Flash asks what he has against his city, the evil speedster replies, "The city's just fine. It's the people in it who need to be educated. I HAVE NO RIVAL!"

He then begins spinning in place and launches speed force energy darts at Kid Flash. Barry, in street clothes, watches from the sidelines and is rescued by Kid Flash when an energy blast almost strikes him. As Kid Flash races off, Barry can be heard saying "You'll get him next time, Flash."

The second clip shows a quieter moment at the Allen household. Barry joins his parents for morning breakfast, which shows the discrepancies between the "Flashpoint" and original universes since Barry's parents are both dead in the original. Barry's mother is a realtor, and she's come across a reasonably priced apartment that would be perfect for Barry to move into. It seems Barry has overstayed his welcome at his parents' house. He quickly tells them he's asked out the girl at the coffee shop, and she said yes. This gets a raucous cheer and high-five from Dad.


Season 3 of "The Flash" debuts Oct. 4 at 8 pm on The CW.

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