The Surprising 'Little House' Influence on Teen Titans' 'Runaways'

The Youth Rescue Fund was a Los Angeles-based group, so it set up deals with other national runaways-related groups, including the National Runaways Association, and that was the group that coordinated the "Runaways" arc in New Teen Titans with Marv Wolfman and the book's editor, Len Wein. I believe that Wolfman was probably already planning on doing something on the topic, but it was done with these groups, including the Youth Rescue Fund.

The story appeared in New Teen Titans #26 and 27 and saw the plight of runaways in New York City, some forced to work in dangerous illegal gigs...

Working with former New Teen Titans member, Speedy, who was working with the DEA, the Titans took down a drug dealer using runaways as part of his operation, but the drug dealer killed one of the runaways in the middle of it all...

Dark stuff. This arc got the attention of the U.S. government and Wolfman and Perez later did more anti-drug comic books that were given away to schools.

(Robin had to be replaced with a new hero, the Protector, due to licensing issues - once he was introduced in the first one, then, they had to keep him in the other ones, even though the licensing issues were resolved).

How awesome are the Laborteaux brothers?

Thanks to LittleHouseonthePrairie.com for the great quotes from the Laborteaux family!

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