Comic Legends: Was Jughead Almost in the New Teen Titans?

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Jughead was considered for being a New Teen Titan.



Once he was given the go-ahead to do a New Teen Titans series, Marv Wolfman quickly went to work on what the new team would look like. On his website, Marv writes in depth about his process and he also shares the memo about the book that he worked on at the time.

The three columns on the top are as follows. First, they are "celestial names," as Wolfman was planning in including an alien in the group, so he wanted a far out name for that character (he noted "shucks" next to Ariel as Chris Claremont and John Byrne had just snatched up Ariel for their new Kitty Pryde character in X-Men, taking that off of the list)

The middle column were the characters who were definitely going to be on the new team.

The third column were possible new members. And wait...is that seriously Jughead Jones there??!?

Yes, he's there, but no, it was not a case of DC Comics working out some sort of avant garde licensing deal all the way back in 1980. No, it was just a joke as Wolfman simply listed a bunch of teen characters. He also included Binky, DC Comics' own Archie rip-off.

(to be fair, Archie Andrew is, himself, a riff on Mickey Rooney's famous Andy Hardy character, so it's not like they're pure here, either)

So no, Jughead was never going to be on the Teen Titans. However, now that the idea is in your brain, you all totally NEED for it to happen for real now, right? Me, too!

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