New TCAF site gives us something to look forward to

Here's something to get you through the dark days of winter: The prospect of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, which takes place on May 7 and 8 this year. I'm hoping to go, as Toronto seems to have an unusually large and productive comics community. In the meantime, enjoy their new website, with lots of links and information about their guests. The site promises 170 creators will be on hand, including Jillian Tamaki, who created the awesome poster above, Chester Brown, a creator called Mawil who I will confess is new to me (but I don't feel too bad, as his site is in German), Kean Soo, Marian Churchland, Chris Eliopoulos, Dustin Harbin, and Eric Wight (who will be debuting his new Frankie Pickle book at the show). That's a huge amount of talent in a small space, and it should be well worth the schlep.

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