New 'SuperMansion' Character Posters Introduce the League of Freedom

On IGN, Crackle has unveiled a series of character descriptions and posters for its upcoming "SuperMansion" series, which features the voice talents of Bryan Crantson, Keegan-Michael Key, Tucker Gilmore, Tom Root, Heidi Lynn Gardner and Zeb Wells.

"Breaking Bad" star Cranston provides the voice for the crusty, crotchety, old-time superhero Titanium Rex, who leads a more-than-a-little dysfunctional super-team/roommates called the League of Freedom. “SuperMansion,” a Crackle original stop-motion animated series, comes from producer Seth Green and some of the team behind Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.”

Talk of the project, originally called “Ubermansion,” first surfaced in 2013. That same year, Green and Matt Senreich played the trailer during the “Robot Chicken” panel at New York Comic Con, Nerdist posted images, the pilot won KFC and Adult Swim’s pilot contest and the episode aired on the channel. However, that’s the last we'd heard about it for a while.

Since then the series has undergone a name change and shifted to Crackle, earning a 13-episode season order along the way. In addition to Cranston and Green, the cast includes Keegan Michael Key (“Key and Peele”) and Jillian Bell (“Workaholics”). “SuperMansion” starts streaming this fall on Crackle.

 Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston)

Age: Very

Powers: Flight, Strength of a Titan, X-Ray Vision

Specialty: Close to learning email

American Ranger (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key)

Age: 22

Powers: Wings for flight, an eagle eye for spotting trouble and a beacon of the American Dream. He’s also skilled in traditional soldiery combat and peeling potatoes.

Specialty: Finding a way to perform in bed with his 90 year old wife.

Black Saturn (voiced by Tucker Gilmore)

Age: 28

Powers: Never misses with his assortment of throwing disks

Specialty: Brooding. Bleakness. Frisbee Golf

Brad (voiced by Tom Root)

Age: 43

Powers: Incredible strength, augmented musculature, invulnerability, superhuman lung capacity

Specialty: Taking one day at a time. While high.

Cooch (voiced by Heidi Lynn Gardner)

Age: 25

Powers: Super-human speed and agility. Razor sharp claws.

Specialty: Using a toilet. Most of the time.

Robobot (voiced by Zeb Wells)

Age: N/A

Powers: A robot with the ability to transform his appendages into any tool.

Specialty: Pondering what it means to be human.

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