New Superhero Dance Show Looks Better Than <i>Heroes'</i> Final Season

When I read the phrase "superhero dance show," I cringed, too, envisioning a gruesome hybrid of Who Wants to Be a Superhero? and So You Think You Can Dance. However, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the web-only series that debuts Wednesday on Hulu.com, actually looks -- lord help me -- interesting. Well, visually, at least. The content may be something else entirely. Think X-Men meets West Side Story.

According to USA Today, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers -- or LXD, as the cool kids say -- consists of 10 eight-minutes episodes "with minimal dialogue" about two groups of rival dancers who ... discover they have superpowers. Through their dancing abilities. All right, now that I type those words, the premise sounds even more ridiculous. But if you watch the trailer, you'll admit that it at least looks good:

Right? But then you read the USA Today piece, which centers on Harry Shum Jr. -- he's Mike Chang, aka "the Other Asian," from Glee -- one of LXD's stars and choreographers. He plays Elliot Hoo, an average guy who ... finds magical shoes. Yeah, I know. But it's no more ludicrous than the "music-seeing" cellist in the last season of Heroes.

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