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New Super Sentai Series Was Made With American Creative Input

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New Super Sentai Series Was Made With American Creative Input

Hardcore fans of Bandai’s “Power Rangers” realize the majority of its fight sequences were clipped from its Japanese counterpart “Super Sentai.” All one had to do was notice the slight differences in Rangers’ costumes and video quality to see scenes didn’t line up perfectly. Now, for the first time ever, the American producers behind the long-running “Power Rangers” television series were allowed to give creative input to “Super Sentai”‘s newest season, “Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.”

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In an interview with No Pink Spandex, Bandai America’s former Senior Director of Marketing Greg Mitchell revealed, “We got brought in pretty early on and got to hear what the creative pitch for the show was, which was a space zodiac cosmos type of thing which we get excited about. (Bandai America) got to help at the conceptual stage to think about what could the zords be, what could the weaponry be, what would be the Ranger Key or Dino Charger?”

Mitchell specifically references Captain America and the ever-changing superhero marketplace as a reason for the two divisions finally collaborating as one unit.

“Think about Captain America. He used to wear red, white and blue spandex. His costume became more cool and tactical looking. He aged up the look of a classic hero. We were constantly bringing up examples like that never to undermine what makes Power Rangers Power Rangers but to say, let us help to form the shape of Power Rangers as respectively as possible to make it competitive as possible in the US.”

Rather than Bandai America having to brainstorm creative ways to take footage from “Sentai” and make it work for “Power Rangers,” the two can work together to bring an overall better product to both fanbases.

The 41st season of  Toei’s “Super Sentai” series is titled “Uchu Sentai Kyuranger” and debuts Feb. 12, 2017.

Via Den of Geek

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