New Super-Man Introduced China's Own Green Lantern Corps

Over the course of nearly 20 issues, New Super-Man by Gene Luen Yang, Brent Peeples, Billy Tan, and Viktor Bogdanovic has slowly been introducing members of the Justice League of China. Unlike the regular League that we've come to know and love for decades, this League is an extension of the Chinese government's Ministry of Self-Reliance, a secret government agency that's been working on creating Chinese counterparts of Western superheroes to defend their nation.

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In the case of Superman, this simply means replicating his abilities, since aside from the Kryptonian physiology, that's relatively manageable. But if there's one superhero that you didn't think could have their abilities replicated so easily, if at all, it would be that of intergalactic space cop Green Lantern--but they've done it.

The first issue gave our protagonist, Kong Kenan, his Superman powers, though he's had to unlock them all over the course of the series. In the second issue, we got our Batman and Wonder Woman of China, respectively Wang Baixi and Peng Deilan. (There's also an adorable Robinbot that comes with Baixi, who can do everything from turn into a cannon to deliver great statistics.) Though the three of them wear the names of these iconic heroes, they lack their respective origins.

Deilan, it turns out, is a Green Snake who, with the help of her friend the White Snake, converted her qi to become human. Both Snakes later crossed over into the Human Realm before Deilan wound up turned to stone for some centuries. She was eventually saved by the Ministry's Dr. Omen, the same woman who recruited Kenan. Baixi, meanwhile, actually trained to be Bat-Man at the Ministry's Academy of the Bat. After all, with Batman lacking powers, the only thing you could reasonably do is train to be like him. The Ministry also ends up with a Flash with Avery Ho, a speedster who acquired her powers in Flash Rebirth.

Baixi's Academy of the Bat shows up in the book's seventh issue, during which he's challenged by an old rival for a sparring match that'll settle their years' long grudge. The two duke it out in a simulated version of Gotham City, created by hard light constructs that the Shifu says came from a new academy: the Academy of the Lantern.

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