New 'Stargate' Trilogy Snags 'Independence Day 2' Writers

Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are in final negotiations to write the remake of 1994's Stargate for MGM and Warner Bros., according to The Hollywood Reporter. Original director Roland Emmerich signed on in May to direct the project, which is intended to kick off a trilogy.

Although relative newcomers, Wright and Woods worked with Emmerich on Independence Day 2 after his production company Centropolis Entertainment picked up an action thriller they wrote.

Starring Kurt Russell, James Spader and Jaye Davidson, the 1994 film follows a military team that journeys through an ancient dimensional portal (the Stargate of the title), where they discover a slave civilization ruled over by an alien race posing as Egyptian gods. The movie laid the foundation for a multimedia franchise that included three live-action television series, two direct-to-DVD movies and an animated series.

Dean Devlin, who co-wrote the original movie with Emmerich, is attached as producer.

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