Is Lucasfilm Hiring For a New Star Wars Animated Series?

As Star Wars Rebels builds towards its series finale, Lucasfilm has hinted that it has no plans of slowing down as the hiring process for the next animated series in a galaxy far, far away is apparently already underway.

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Last April, with news of Rebels coming to an end, Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni teased that in the wake of this prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope, new cartoons would emerge. With Disney announcing a new streaming service for 2019, fans have long speculated that such content will air on this digital platform and as per a recent LinkedIn post, Lucasfilm Animation is now looking for an Episodic Director, apparently to run this brand new series.

“The Episodic Director’s main role is to work closely with all levels of creative production in tandem with the Supervising Director, in order to bring the script to life on our animated television series," states the job posting. "The ideal candidate is expected to balance managing all the various aspects of production, while successfully maintaining the highest quality of technical and creative storytelling possible for their respective episodes.”

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The job is more than likely to be for Filoni's successor because he has also teased in the past that he may be moving into the live-action corner of the Star Wars universe. This means that Lucasfilm would need someone very experienced and proven to follow up the success seen on the animation front via the likes of The Clone Wars and Rebels. It now seems that the studio is pushing forward at lightspeed to get things underway, especially with at least 10 years worth of franchise material currently planned.

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