New 'Star Trek' roller coaster boldly goes where no coaster has gone before

Fans of "Star Trek" will now get the chance to explore outer space in a new ride called "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise."

Movie Park -- a theme park in Bottrop, Germany -- is known as the Hollywood of Germany. It features rides and exhibits based on "Avatar," "Ice Age," "The Walking Dead," and "Van Helsing." It will now be home to the world's first "Star Trek"-themed roller coaster.

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Titled "Star Trek: Operation Enterprise," riders will be launched into an experience never before seen at a European theme park. Movie Park Germany has received an official license from CBS to host the attraction, which is set to debut in 2017.

According to the park's website, "The roller coaster [will be] located at the entrance of the park and will welcome all visitors with an impressive silhouette." Construction has already begun, which you can see in the video below.

The ride's debut will be perfectly timed with the new "Star Trek" television series, which is set to engage in early 2017.

(Via StarTrek.com)

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