New "Speed Racer" Series Races to CCI

It looks as though "Go, Speed Racer, go!" is about to re-enter the comics vernacular as Allegory, LLC and Speed Racer Enterprises have announced a joining of forces with the goal of creating a vast array of new Speed Racer products, from comics and graphic novels to games and digital products. Allegory has put together an all-star team of writers to bring Speed Racer back to the world of sequential storytelling including veteran "Speed Racer" scribe Tommy Yune, "Transformers" writer Robby Musso and "Kindergoth's" Lee Kohse.

The first Speed Racer miniseries to result from the partnership, "Circle of Vengeance" ships in September, but Speed Racer fans attending Comic-Con International in San Diego will have the opportunity to pick up a special edition of "Speed Racer #1" at Allegory's booth.

Official Press Release

Allegory, LLC is pleased to announce it has joined forces with Speed Racer Enterprises to produce a new line of highly anticipated comics, graphic novels, games, and digital products based on the Speed Racer animated series. 

Allegory has assembled an all-star cast of writers and artists to work on the first series of books, including Tommy Yune (Speed Racer, Robotech), Robby Musso (Transformers), and Lee Kohse (Star Wars, Kindergoth).  

Tommy Yune stated, "I'm very honored that Allegory has put together such a talented team so that the fans can again experience the joy of Speed Racer's adventures."

Michael Cisneros, Licensing Director for Speed Racer Enterprises stated, "I can't even begin to express how amped up we are for this new series. What impresses us most about the Allegory team is their passion and determination to honor Speed Racer and bring something fresh and new while remaining completely faithful to the classic series. It's great to be immersed in the creative process so that we can deliver some phenomenal stories to fans and new readers alike that will turn their knuckles whiter with every page."

Speed Racer cover artist and Creative Director Lee Kohse continued, "The stories we are working on are new, but we tell them around the events of the original manga by Tatsuo Yoshida and the animation based off of it.  In essence, we are expanding the story while honoring the spirit of the original series.  I think Racer fans will really get into it."

Speed Racer: Circle of Vengeance #1 of 4 will ship to stores in September [Diamond Code:JUL110782].  A special edition of Speed Racer #1 will launch at Comic Con International in July accompanied with news related to a new line of products.

About Allegory

Allegory is a multimedia company that develops entertainment properties that include publishing, digital media, games and TV and film properties.  With offices in Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Rio de Janeiro, Allegory is committed to producing quality products for a global audience.  www.allegorymedia.co

About Speed Racer Enterprises

Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc. is a California based company who holds the licensing rights to the Speed Racer franchise across every platform. For more information or licensing inquiries please visit  www.speedracer.com

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