New Spawn Animated Series Could Follow Movie

A new Spawn animated television series could follow the 2018 movie reboot, according to creator Todd McFarlane.

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While speaking at the New York Comic Con, the McFarlane said, “I’m going to get the [Spawn] movie out and then we still have the rights for TV and animation and we’ll just figure it out."

The antihero previously headlined his own animated series, Todd McFarlane's Spawn, which aired from 1997 to 1999 on HBO. Starring Keith David as the voice of Spawn, the series won an Emmy Award in 1999 for Outstanding Animation Program. A planned sequel, called Spawn: The Animation, has been in development for several years.

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McFarlane also has plans to bring David back into the fold for the live-action film. At NYCC, he mentioned he has to "figure out how to get Keith David in my movie, too. Just for one line.”

The planned film reboot has been described as an R-rated horror feature that has little in common with its 1997 predecessor. McFarlane has said he's not "going for the same crowd that Marvel and DC is going for; I’m going for the same crowd that horror film releases going for." McFarlane has written the screenplay, and is expected to direct.

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