New software sinks threshold for making comics...with an iceberg

Making comics is hard, pesky work. It takes hours and hours to draw a comics page (and forget about all that plotting and writing dialogue), cutting down on the precious time you could spend on the PlayStation or catching up with your Netflix queue. Or it used to.

Now - if your comic is an adaptation of a movie, anyway - Meng Wang, professor at the Hefei University of Technology, and his colleagues have created a new software called Movie2Comics. Using clips from movies and a file of the film's script, the software automatically creates - without any artistic, er..."manual" intervention, Wang stresses - comic panels of varying sizes in a cheapass Photoshop filter...I mean, "cartoon style". Though Wang acknowledges that the software could be used by curious hobbyists who just want to dink around with it, he also points out its benefits for professionals as well, since it way cuts down the time and expense of - you know - actually creating comics.

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