New Six Flags video lets you experience the dizzying 'Joker' coaster

The Clown Prince of Crime is about to become the Clown Coaster of Six Flags. Following the opening of the Joker Chaos Coaster in Six Flags' Atlanta theme park, another Joker-themed ride is set to open in Jackson, New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure. Simply titled "The Joker," the 120-foot-tall coaster is described as a 4-D, free-fly coaster that flips riders upwards of six times and features two "beyond 90-degree" drops.

To get comics readers and coaster riders alike pumped for the new attraction, Six Flags has posted a new construction update video that includes "The Joker's" inaugural test ride. And yeah, it's as much of a doozy as the above description implies.

The first half of the video shows the coaster in its entirety from far away, as the dummy riders twist and turn in the distance. But at 1:40 in, the point-of-view shifts and you're riding the coaster (by way of your computer monitor, of course). Up is down as the coaster takes off, aiming legs right at the clouds for whole dizzying chunks of the ride.

(via Philly Voice)

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