New Sign at Marvel: "Homosexual Stars <strike>Not</strike> Allowed"

You see this one?

In Joe Quesada's latest "Joe Friday" column over at Newsarama, Quesada discusses Marvel's policy regarding homosexuals starring in their own comic, which previously had been that such comics would have to be published as MAX (i.e. for mature readers only) titles. The change in policy is nice, but how we get there is pretty amusing, I thought.

Newsarama (Matt Brady? Who is it that does Joe Friday?) asks about the policy, and Quesada replies,

I'm glad you asked me this, fortunately this question has been raised again and it's given us the opportunity to spark some internal discussions and revisit this issue especially in light of the fact that we have characters like Freedom Ring (who is the current star of Marvel Team Up without much fanfare mind you) and that we've had more gay and lesbian characters appearing in Marvel comics than ever before. In many ways, the old policy over the last few years has just sort of faded away, so let me just say that there is no longer any policy.

Which is cool - but what I don't get is - how did this NOT come up the LAST time? I get that when asked a spontaneous question, Quesada gave an off-the-cuff reply based on what he thought the policy was. TOTALLY cool. Cannot fault him in the slightest for that.

But when it became clear that his off-the-cuff reply was causing some controversy, why didn't Joe revisit the issue THEN? He had the time, and when he next spoke on the topic, it certainly looked like some thought had gone into the reply - but now, apparently, we learn that the policy has not existed for quite some time - so, well, why didn't he/we know that a few weeks/months ago, when this was a topic of discussion?

Just seemed odd.

Anyhow, it's good news, though! Good job, Marvel!

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