New Sentinels Threaten "Age of X"

Thanks once again to the eagle-eyed action of CBR's Message Boarders, more details are coming to light about Marvel Comics incoming "Age of X" event from writer Mike Carey.

Today, user Peter F uncovered a new "Historical Log" image tying in to the upcoming series, one which unveiled the following image hidden on Marvel's website:

Click through for a full "Historical Log" teaser featuring the image and this text:

"After The Phoenix demolishes Albany, New York, the United States government sponsors the mass production of Exonim Sentinels - technologically-advanced combat vehicles designed to subdue mutants. In the months that follow, the mutant population drastically declines. This period of time becomes known as 'The Decimation.'"

This comes after a recent teaser featuring the Phoenix character, however whether she or the featured characters of this image - Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch - will survive this new decimation remains in doubt.

CBR News spoke last week to "Age of X" architect Mike Carey about the series which debuts in January with "Age of X Alpha" #1 featuring art work by Paul Davidson, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Harvey Tolibao, Mirco Pierfederici and Carlo Barberi before continuing as a crossover running through "X-Men: Legacy" 245-247 featuring art by Clay Mann and "New Mutants" 22-24 by artist Steve Kurth. There, the writer said, "these characters have the same personalities as their 616 counterparts. There's a sense that the personalities of these characters will shine through regardless of what the world throws at them. That's part of what we're doing in this story. It's one of the most enjoyable aspects of it; seeing how the people we know define themselves against these very, very different crises."

Sound off with your theories on what this all means on the CBR Boards X-Men threads, and stay tuned for more info on "Age of X."

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