New Remender-Written Series Spinning Out Of Marvel's "AXIS"

While promoting the second act of the upcoming "AXIS" event -- "Inversion," which promises a "recalibration of the Marvel Universe's moral compass" -- Marvel Comics and Rick Remender have announced an as-yet untitled new series slated to debut in the wake of the events of the latest Avengers and X-Men-starring epic.

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According to Remender, the legacy of "AXIS" on the Marvel U will be "lasting ramifications," some of which will lead directly to the aforementioned series. "That's what makes these ongoing stories a lot of fun in the interconnected universe," the writer said. "'AXIS' will lead to a whole new book that I'm writing that will have a number of characters who are very changed from the story. I don't want to give anything away, but the Inversion isn't going to be completely wrapped up. There's not going to be a perfect bow on this story by the end of things. It'll be a nice conclusion to the immediate threat, but there will be some very interesting aspects of the Inversion moving forward into new stories in the Marvel Universe in a handful of titles."

While Remender gave no further details about the new series, he did tease "a bigger spotlight" for a villain coming out of "AXIS," with designs by his "Uncanny X-Force" collaborator Jerome Opena.

Check out CBR's full coverage of the special "AXIS" press conference, and come back soon for more on the status quo-shifting series and its fallout across the Marvel Universe.

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