New Publisher Debuts at Bristol International Comic Expo.

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Praxis Comics, home to titles such as Scarlett's Curse, Calanrock, Sollitaria and The Inquisitor will make its first ever convention appearance this weekend at the Bristol International Comics Expo. Visitors to the Praxis booth will be among the first ever to witness the four launch titles from the newest comic publisher.

Scarlett's Curse

Demons from The Dark Ages have been set free once again to roam the Earth. However, this time it's different. This time, they'll have to fight against a new Guardian, Scarlett, who refuses to come to terms with her new role and ever-growing powers. Fighting Demons was not her desire, but when her dearest friend is abducted and her very world threatened, she's left with no choice. Under the guidance of an old Irishman named Elijah, who owns an antique shop, Scarlett must destroy the demons before it is too late... But her real enemy is closer than she thinks.


In the Future, civilization is divided. The City Above is ruled under the hand of Albertus Iron, while the remains of humanity lurk in the City Below. In the Streets of the City Below a friendship between an outcast robot and a teenage girl is forged, and together they must fight for survival – and for hope. But their connection goes beyond friendship once they discover their pasts are more than they ever thought possible…


Every city has its secrets. Some cities have more than one. Welcome to Sollitaria, a city whose breath is insanity, whose lifeblood is madness, mystery and something a bit more macabre…While some cities guard their secrets, Sollitaria wants to reveal its hidden stories so that you might fall prey to its madness…

The Inquisitor

Middle Ages as you've never seen before! The Inquisitor combines historical facts with shocking and paranormal values to create a unique story where truth and justice are often questioned – and where the Church tries to hide its biggest secret.

Debuting artwork from their four launch titles, Praxis Comics will also have posters, banners and various other promotional items on hand to give away to anyone who stops by their booth.

The Bristol International Comics Expo is the major comic event in the UK, held on 13th - 14th MAY 2006 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall and the Ramada Plaza hotel Bristol of United Kingdom

Praxis Comics is a unique group of comic creators who are currently producing unequalled comic titles and ideas. Founded by Trevor Landolt and Jeanine Henning, Praxis Comics aim to introduce new stories and characters whose premises and art are equally diverse and inspiring, and promises to be a strong presence in the future of comics. The titles and stories created by the artists and writers are inspired by all comic genres, and readers will easily get lost in the visionary and gripping universe of Praxis Comics.

More information regarding Praxis Comics, its properties, projects and staff can be found at http://www.praxiscomics.com

Scarlett's Curse, Calanrock, Sollitaria, The Inquisitor and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyright Praxis Comics, all rights reserved.

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