New Preview Introduces Venom/Joker's Gas-Style Drug to "Gotham"

Fox has shared a sneak peek at tonight's "Gotham" episode, titled "Viper," which introduces the titular drug to the city's streets. While the drug's name may be an original one created for the Fox drama, the green substance's side effects will be familiar to eagle-eyed DC Comics fans.

In the preview, a Gotham City news reporter dishes out facts about Viper, noting that it gives users "great strength" and a "euphoric sense of power" for a couple of hours before killing them. Both the name and super strength seem like an allusion to Venom, the super-steroid that powers Bat-villain Bane, while the drug abuser's wide grin and the deadly after effect seem like a shout out to Joker's Laughing Gas

You can check out the preview below. "Viper" airs tonight at 8 PM on Fox.

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