Steve Guttenberg Says a New Police Academy Movie Is on the Way

police academy

Another installment of the 1980s comedy staple Police Academy is in the works. And, yes, fans have actually asked for it.

After franchise veteran Steve Guttenberg tweeted a photo of himself in London, one U.K. fan expressed hope that it meant he was filming a Police Academy movie there. Although the actor didn't confirm that, he did reveal "the next Police Academy is coming."

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"No details yet," Guttenberg wrote, "but it is in a gift bag being readied!"

Adam , the next Police Academy is coming, no details yet, but it is in a gift bag being readied! https://t.co/HxzdmqS6WP

— Steve Guttenberg (@SteveGuttbuck) September 3, 2018

Although news first surfaced in 2012 that New Line Cinema intended to relaunch the series, there have been no public signs of movement since then.

The franchise launched in 1984 with Police Academy, in which the new mayor announced the police department had to accept all willing recruits, leading to an assortment of misfits applying. Guttenberg starred as Carey Mahoney, a repeat offender ordered to join the police academy is punishment. He reprised the role in the following three sequels, 1985's Their First Assignment, 1986's Back in Training and 1987's Citizens of Patrol, with Mahoney rising to the rank of sergeant.

There have been seven Police Academy movies to date, the last of which was 1994's Mission to Moscow, which featured such original cast members as Michael Winslow, David Graf, George Gaynes, G.W. Bailey and Leslie Easterbrook. The films also inspired two television shows, a 1988 animated series and a 1997 live-action series.

The franchise maintains a devoted following, and over the years it has been a punchline in movies such as Wayne's World and comedic staples of television like The Simpsons.

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