New Photos Add Fuel to 'Game of Thrones'' Jon Snow Resurrection Theories

Ever since the credits rolled on the "Game of Thrones'" Season Five finale, fan theories have populated message boards and social media regarding Jon Snow's death. While some fans insist the character isn't dead at all, and other theories involve him being resurrected, one thing is certain: Fans want to see Snow return for Season Six.

So when actor Kit Harington was sighted on a recent flight into Belfast, Northern Ireland, where shooting is underway for the next season of HBO's juggernaut hit, the rumor mill started up again. Today, photos of Harington surfaced on "Game of Thrones" fan site Watchers on the Wall, showing the actor arriving at Dublin's international airport.

Watchers on the Wall points out that Harington is wearing his hair in a bun, indicating that he's in town for more than just a visit with some old friends. The actor is famous for hating his long hair, stating on more than one occasion that he'd cut it if he weren't contractually obligated by the series to maintain the length.

Furthering the theory that HBO is attempting to keep Snow's return under wraps is word that Harington has been visiting Belfast regularly during the pre-production work for next season, and when spotted in town has refused to take pictures with any fans.

The sixth season of "Game of Thrones" is expected to debut on HBO in Spring 2016.

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