New "Phantom" Issues to Contribute to Aid in African Crisis

Official Press Release


JUN 07 • 32 pg • FC • Cover A $3.50/Cover B $4.50

Written by Mike Bullock

Art by Silvestre Szilagyi

Colors by Bob Pedroza

Cover A by Marat Mychaels, Adelso Corona and Adam Street

Cover B by Darryl Banks, Terry Austin and Bob Pedroza

YOU can MAKE A DIFFERENCE with your comic purchase!

Help make the world a better place with this special Phantom story!

"Invisible Children Part 1 (of 3)"

Ripped from today's headlines, The Phantom takes on an African Warlord who believes he is a prophet of the Almighty God himself. At stake, are the lives of thousands of children stolen from their homes and indoctrinated into the Warlords Resistance Army through mental, physical and spiritual torture. The Warlord HIM has conscripted these 'Invisible Children' to fight his Holy War and assert his self-proclaimed 'Divine Will' on the peoples and Governments of Africa in his first step towards world domination.

Moonstone Books teams with YOU to make a difference in this tragic, continuing real world atrocity. In order to do this, Moonstone has enlisted legendary artists Darryl Banks and Terry Austin to create limited edition B covers for each issue of this story arc. For each limited edition issue of Phantoms 17-19 purchased, Moonstone Books will make a contribution to www.invisiblechildren.com in order to create safe havens with food, healthcare and educations for the children affected by this war.

"This book revels in what is right about the character." – Pop Thought

"Within the space of three issues writer Mike Bullock has really hit his stride." – Broken Frontier

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