New Mutants' Warlock Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

warlock from new mutants

Marvel Contest of Champions has added one of the most important and beloved member of the New Mutants: Warlock.

In Contest of Champions, Warlock is a tech character and gets synergy bonuses with his fellow New Mutants Magik and Sunspot. He's also able to work well with Vision and various forms of Ultron, as well as Cable. His ability, Child of Kvch, allows him to use a "mutant, non-aggressive strain of the Transmode Virus," which has a chance of increasing "virus effectiveness through incorporation of Degeneration components." You can read more details about the character below.

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Created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, Warlock made his debut in 1984's The New Mutants #18 and is one of the teams . A member of the Technarchy, Warlock is capable of shapeshifting. The Technarchy are able to infect others with a techno-organic virus that then allows them to drain life from their opponents. He's one of the earliest members of the New Mutants, and is capable of a level of compassion uncommon to the Technarchy.

Developed by Kabam, Marvel Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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