The 10 Most Powerful Members Of The New Mutants


The New Mutants are one of the most popular mutant groups from Marvel comics, and one that fans have been hoping to see on the big screen for quite a while. Sadly, the Josh Boone-directed film has been teasing fans with its release for years now (but has been repeatedly sidelined by rescheduling), leading many fans to worry about the film's quality.

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Despite what the delays suggest, the film does seem to have a lot of potential, with a great cast of young actors and some of the fan-favorite characters. The New Mutants group boasts a lot of exciting members with a whole variety of mutant abilities. Let's take a look at some of the strongest.

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10 Wolfsbane


Rahne Sinclair (aka Wolfsbane) is a Scottish mutant who has the ability to change herself into a wolf. The character was created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, first appearing in 1982 as part of the original The New Mutants storyline. Her tragic past saw her orphaned at a young age and then hunted like an animal once her mutant nature was revealed, before being saved by Moira MacTaggert and joining the New Mutants team.

While she can transform into a wolf, she maintains her regular intelligence on doing so (unlike classic depictions of werewolves). With enhanced senses, super strength and deadly fighting abilities, Wolfsbane can certainly handle herself.

9 Warpath


James Proudstar (aka Warpath) once clashed with the New Mutants as an enemy before joining the team. The character first appeared in New Mutants #16, where he sought revenge against the X-Men (he blames them for the death of his brother Thunderbird). He has a change of heart, though, and eventually becomes a valued member.

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The Native American mutant has an array of superhuman physical abilities. His super strength has allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Juggernaut and he is incredibly resilient to injury. Add to that his flight ability and hand-to-hand combat skills, and Warpath is a real threat.

8 Shatterstar

Debuting in New Mutants #99, Shatterstar is an alien mutant coming from the planet Mojoworld, which is ruled by the villain Mojo. There he lived a life of slavery, being forced to fight in gladiatorial games. He escaped Mojoworld and eventually made his way to Earth, where he joined the New Mutants.

Shatterstar's years as a gladiator made him an excellent fighter with super strength and speed. He can regenerate from injuries and has the ability to control electronic frequencies, to the point that he can create shockwaves.

7 Magma

Magma New Mutatns

Magma made her debut in New Mutants #8, as a mutant who comes from a fictional country in the Marvel Universe known as Nova Roma (or New Rome). Her family claims to be descendants of Hercules. Magma is caught up in a political upheaval in her home country, before being rescued by the New Mutants and eventually joining their team.

As her name suggests, Magma has the ability to generate and control lava flows. Her abilities also allow her to become deeply connected to the planet's tectonic plates, being able to sense shifts and even manipulate them. This gives her the ability to create earthquakes, which could be an extremely devastating ability.

6 Warlock

warlock from new mutants

Warlock is one of the most unique members of the New Mutants. Debuting in The New Mutants #18, Warlock is a member of an alien group called Technarchy, a race of mechanical beings who infect other living beings and drain the life from them. Warlock differs from the rest of his race by showing compassion, which helped him ally with the New Mutants.

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Aside from his ability to drain the life from those he infects, Warlock can also turn other beings into technorganic matter. He is also able to shapeshift, making him an excellent infiltrator.

5 Rictor

Rictor made his comic debut in X-Factor #17. He was introduced as a prisoner of an anti-mutant group, who was amplifying his powers to cause widespread destruction. He is saved by X-Factor and joins the team as a new recruit, later joining the New Mutants. Rictor is also a notable character due to the exploration of his bisexuality in the comics, and he shared the first same-sex kiss in the Marvel comics with his fellow New Mutants member, Shatterstar.

Rictor is able to manipulate seismic energy. He can destroy any object by sending intense vibrations through it, no matter the material or the size of the object.

4 Magik

Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik) is another long-standing member of the New Mutants, and will be played by Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming movie. She is the sister of X-Men member Colossus, and made her debut all the way back in Giant-Size X-Men #1. She would gradually move from background character to being featured more prominently, until she was added to the New Mutants.

Magik has an incredible array of abilities, including the power to teleport through time and space, spell casting and the ability to block telepaths like Professor X from reading her mind.

3 Cannonball

Cannonball Avengers

Sam Guthrie (aka Cannonball) is probably one of the better known members of the New Mutants. He'll be  played by Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton in the movie. He made his debut in the first issue of The New Mutants story, starting out as an enemy of the group before joining them.

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Cannonball has the very simple but very effective ability to shoot himself through the air like a rocket. He can direct this propulsion towards enemies, and is virtually unstoppable when in his flight mode.

2 Boom-Boom

Tabitha Smith (aka Boom-Boom) made her debut in Secret Wars II #5. She was a rebellious youth whose parents mistreated her when they discovered she was a mutant. She ran away from home, forming a friendship with The Beyonder before joining the New Mutants.

Boom-Boom can create yellow orbs of plasma energy which explore with concussive force. The orbs can be vary in size, and she can hurls them at her enemies to devastating effect. The orbs can also be used as "time bombs," exploding after an elapsed time of her choosing.

1 Sunspot

Roberto "Bobby" da Costa (aka Sunspot) is another founding member of the New Mutants, appearing in the first issue of their own series. He is a Brazilian mutant, the son of a wealthy businessman who pushed his son to be the best at everything.

Sunspot’s mutant abilities first manifested themselves while playing in a soccer match, frightening the heck out of the spectators. He is able to draw solar energy from the sun, which allows him to fly, produce heat and fire solar energy blasts. He can also go into a "powered up" mode where he absorbs more energy, increasing his power.

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