A Former X-Man is Addicted to [SPOILER] and Will CUT YOU to Get Some

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for New Mutants #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brisson, and Rod Reis, on sale now. 

Life on Krakoa has been pretty good to the New Mutants so far. Wolfsbane has been reborn and is enjoying the nature of paradise, and most of the junior X-Men team has been brought back together for the first time in years. While things don't end too well for the team by the end of the issue, one particular New Mutants member reveals what she's been missing on Krakoa,

In New Mutants #1, Illyana Rasputin reveals just how much she enjoys her coffee, and nothing will stand before her and her favorite brew.

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As Sunspot and Mirage are walking around Krakoa, the New Mutants are entranced by the smell of coffee. They find Chamber, who tells them that Generation X's Monet and Synch talked the young plant-manipulating Fauna into seeing what kinda of coffee she could grow on Krakoa. The result of their efforts is the creation of a coffee that's so good, it's described as "one part innocence and one part sincerity." Magik interjects that Chamber has generously offered to share some of the Krakoan brew, but when Sunspot wants a cup, Ilyana clutches her comically large coffee pot and threatens to cut him if he tries to get any of her giant cup o'joe.

Clearly, Ilyana loves her coffee, almost to the point of addiction. When Chamber tells the New Mutants he made a second pot, Magik is seen in the corner with hearts above her head as she stares at her giant cup. She literally starts chugging a pot, at least three times bigger than anyone else's mugs. Even though Mondo says that she wouldn't like it if she knew how it was made, Magik maintains that it's "worth killing for."

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While it's not quite clear where the one-time ruler of Limbo picked up her taste for java, it was just one of two break-out moments for the young X-Man in this issue. After boarding the Starjammers ship to visit their friend Cannonball, Magik gets into a sword fight with Raza Longknife, while the others place bets and watch on. After getting smacked in the nose with the hilt of Raza's sword, Magik turns up her aggression and swinging her sword through her opponent's weapon, while cutting his robot arm clean off in the process.

Unfortunately, things go awry for the New Mutants after that.When the inadvertently interrupt a heist the Starjammers were in the middle of, they get captured by a group of Shi'ar guards. Fed up by the numerous annoyances that the New Mutants caused them, the Starjammers promptly abandon the team, leaving them in need of a good space lawyer.

Between her coffee addiction, willingness to inflict violence on anyone who steps in between her and her next cup, and the way she casually disarms Raza, this issue marks a solid return to form for the character who's had a tragic life. Unfortunately, without access to the coffee in space, Magik is seriously going to have withdrawals.. Hopefully, for her sake, she's won't have to stay away from Krakoa and its special blend for too long.

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