New Mutants: Dead Souls' Major Villain Has Ties to the Original Team


Marvel Comics' X-Men further their founder's dream of peaceful co-existence between man and mutant by fighting to protect a world that fears and hates them. That fight pits them against a number of threats, some grounded in super science and technology, and others more supernatural in nature. Many X-Men have experience with the former, but when it comes to battling the latter, none of them are as qualified as the former members of the New Mutants, the team of X-Men in training first brought together back in Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod's 1982 graphic novel.

The team's original incarnation battled a variety of paranormal menaces, including the Demon Bear (the basis for the crew's movie debut) and numerous infernal entities. Since those days, they've graduated to other teams like the X-Men and the Avengers, but in March, several original teammates will join forces with other fan-favorite mutants in New Mutants Dead Souls, a six-issue miniseries by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Adam Gorham.

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CBR: Matthew, one of the central characters of New Mutants Dead Souls is Magik, a character you seemed to really enjoy writing over in Secret Warriors where she made a guest appearance. What is it about Illyana Rasputin that you find especially interesting?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from New Mutants: Dead Souls #1 by Adam Gorham and Michael Garland

Matthew Rosenberg: Magik has always been one of my absolute favorite characters in the Marvel universe. She's close to being an original New Mutant. She's an X-Men because of her skill, but also because she is family. But still she is a bit of an outsider. The mutants are Marvel's misfits, and she is the misfit among the misfits. There is something so compelling about that. Her life is messed up to a degree that even other characters in the universe find it unsettling. And yet, through it all, she keeps her head down and does her job.

She is as tough as any character in the universe, but there is a vulnerability under there that she hides. She was robbed of her childhood, taken from her family, turned into something terrifying, and from that she came out and became a hero. So often with these characters there are questions of why certain choices were made, how they became the way they are. With Magik I've always understood. She wants to help others because she doesn't want to see people live a life like hers. And that is beautiful and tragic.

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