Claremont Says He and Sienkiewicz Want to Tell More New Mutants Stories


Earlier this year, it was announced legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz would return to the world of the New Mutants for New Mutants: War Children, a one-shot set during the early days of their run on the series. Claremont has now revealed that the two of them would like to tell even more new stories starring the titular team.

"The irony is that Bill's and my first reaction when we got the invitation... was to immediately ask for more pages… From my perspective as a writer, and from Bill's perspective as an artist, we could have slammed this out of the park two or three different ways," Claremont told Marvel.com.“But for me, if you have a visual talent like Bill and a serious concept such as The New Mutants, I would say you hit for the fences.”

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Beginning their collaboration on The New Mutants with issue 18 of the first series, Claremont and Sienkiewicz's run on the book is considered one of the best in comics, with Sienkiewicz's art style enhancing the dark feel Claremont had given the series. During their tenure, they produced the acclaimed storyline "The Demon Bear Saga", the run of which The New Mutants movie director and co-writer Josh Boone says the upcoming film is "very much inspired by".

Written by Chris Claremont and featuring art by Bill Sienkiewicz, New Mutants: War Children is now on sale.

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