New Moon Rising: Alonso Talks Suayan on "Moon Knight"

Criminals in the Marvel Universe need to start looking for health insurance because Moon Knight has retuned. This year, writer Charlie Huston and artist David Finch brought back the bone breaking, crime busting Fist of Khonsu in an ongoing series that's been very well received by long time fans.   But changes are on the horizon for the series, as Finch is leaving to be replaced by Mico Suayan, who's been tasked with bringing the dark, twisted world of "Moon Knight" to life. CBR News spoke to "Moon Knight" editor Axel Alonso for a quick update on Suayan's work.

Fans who love the way David Finch depicts the Marvel Universe don't need to worry. He may be leaving "Moon Knight," but he's not leaving the House of Ideas. "David moved on to a new project, which I'm not at liberty to discuss," Alonso told CBR News.

With Finch leaving, Alonso needed a new artist for "Moon Knight" and when he saw Mico Suayan's work he knew he found the person he was looking for. "Chris Allo [Marvel's Talent Coordinator] brought Mico to my attention," Alonso said. "I was blown away, called dibs immediately. Mico's work is very visceral, very dark.   His figures have weight and he spots aggressive blacks.   He's perfect for this book."

Suayan's work reminded Alonso of the work by two other super star artists, one of who was acclaimed for his depiction of Moon Knight. "I picked Mico for the title because of his style, which reminds me a little of Bernie Wrightson or Stephen Platt," Alonso stated. David Finch's art style is very distinctive, but "Moon Knight" fans don't need to worry. When Suayan assumes the art chores, the look of the book may be changing but the feel of the book will be exactly the same. "There are some similarities between Finch and Suayan's styles -- their use of shadow, etc. -- but they are very different," Alonso said. "David's style was very suited to the tone of this series. I'm confident that Mico's is too."

Suayan's run as the regular penciller on Moon Knight begins with issue #9, which is part three of the "Midnight Sun" arc (the second story of the book). Since this arc continues to explore Moon Knights role in the Marvel Universe, readers can expect to see Suayan's renderings not only of Moon Knight but other Marvel heroes like the Punisher.

"The first arc put Moon Knight back on the map," Alonso said. "The second arc will place him right in the middle of the Marvel Universe -- whether it's ready for him or not. Can a vigilante as brutal and, let's face it, crazy as Moon Knight integrate into a Marvel Universe that's reeling from 'Civil War?'   How would Cap feel about him?   How would Tony Stark?   I mean, this is a guy who beats bad guys to within an inch of their lives!   He's crazy as a shithouse rat.   Is he going to want to register? Will they even give him the chance?"


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