New Moon (Knight Artist) Rising: Suayan talks "Moon Knight"

Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight's brand of justice is often swift and brutal, but it's effective. Moon Knight's adventures take him down some of the darkest alleys and streets of the Marvel Universe and it takes an artist with an eye for that stygian tone to bring them to life. Next week, the second issue of "Moon Knight" by new artist Mico Suayan, whose already showing that he's got an eye for the dark toned world of the title character, hits stores. CBR News spoke with Suayan about his work on the book.

It was Suayan's work for another editor at Marvel that landed him the "Moon Knight" assignment. " I was working on some stuff for Nick Lowe and then my Editor Axel Alonso saw my work and he e-mailed me to ask if I was interested in doing 'Moon Knight' for them," Suayan told CBR News. "I was like in shock during that time. 'Moon Knight' is a very important book for Marvel and they were giving it to me, a nobody in the business. But I was confident that I could do some great stuff on 'Moon Knight.'"

Suayan was introduced to Moon Knight throught the work that writer Charlie Huston and artist David Finch were doing. " I'm a fan of Charlie Huston and David Finch's current run on 'Moon Knight,'" he said. "Before them, I really wasn't familiar with the character, but after I read the current run of MK, I did extensive research on the character's past adventures."

Huston and Finch's work and his own research on "Moon Knight" helped define what Suayan wants his art to say about the character. "Marc/Moon Knight for me is a troubled and disturbed guy. I want my art to emphasize those characteristics," Suayan explained. "For me it's more difficult to draw normal and clean characters without signs of problems in their life. It's more interesting for me to draw the opposite of that. It gives them more character and drama, which is what I think more readers today are interested in and i t's like the book was written for my taste and love in drawing. Every panel and page I do shows how much I love working on the book ."

It was Suayan's preference for and style of rendering dark toned things that got him the "Moon Knight" assignment. " They liked my style before I got the 'Moon Knight' gig, but I did a few minor tweaks in my style; making it darker to fit on the books dark premise," Suayan said.

Suayan is delighted to be working with the man bringing the ebony hued premise of "Moon Knight" to life, writer Charlie Huston. " Charlie is a real great writer. I mean everything that I really wanted to draw is right there on the script," Suayan stated. "He brings out the best in my work. I love his use of violence and gore, which is very difficult to use nowadays in any medium. He uses it in such an intelligent way and not just for the sake of wowing the readers. The next issues of 'Moon Knight' will show all that. I'm really excited to draw them all."

Since Suayan started drawing Moon Knight with issue #9, most of the characters had already been established, but the artist has had a few opportunities to do some design work. " I did help in designing Moon Knight's current nemesis Midnight," Suayan explained. "Also some of Moon Knight's gadgets and stuff. I especially loved designing his new Moon Copter.   I gave it a more industrial look."

Suayan knew he had big shoes to fill when jumping on "Moon Knight," well aware of the that every aspect of his art would be analyzed and scrutinized by "Moon Knight" fans used to the work of previous artist David Finch. For Suayan, this has been the most difficult aspects of working on the book. "I was a bit paranoid when my first book was released," he explained. "I was reading every reader's reaction to my work. But so far they like my work, so I think I'm doing fine."

The most rewarding aspects of Suayan's latest gig is that the higher ups are very happy with his work. "Working with the amazing people at Marvel is the most rewarding thing for me," he said. "They consider me as one of their own and they take good care of me which is so over whelming," he said. "The idea of working at Marvel is the reward itself, I mean being part of something amazing is a dream come true.

"I would like to say thanks to all those people who supported and helped me all throughout my career," Suayan continued. "And this book is for all aspiring artists out there, dreams do come true so just do your best and be patient!"

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