New Mondo posters pay tribute to 'Batman: The Animated Series'

Phantom City Creative continues its series of Mondo posters inspired by Batman: The Animated Series with "Mudslide" and "The Man Who Killed Batman."

The first is based on the Season 2 episode that marked the second and final appearance of Clayface, who apparently meets his end in the ocean (don't worry, returned in The New Adventures of Batman). The second poster, meanwhile, is inspired by the well-remembered Season 1 episode that explores just what the Dark Knight means to Gotham.

These follow the previous Phantom City posters "Harlequinade," "Two-Face," "Heart of Ice" and "Joker's Favor."

The limited-edition prints go on sale for $45 each on Thursday, at a time announced on the Mondo Twitter account. So, keep a watchful eye, and good luck; they tend to sell out fast.

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