The New Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's Identity Revealed

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" #11, on sale now.

Writer Kyle Higgins continues to drop bombshells in the pages of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." With the help of artist Hendry Prasetya, the pair turned all of the Rangers green and introduced a mysterious new Ranger known as Lord Drakkon who seems allied with Rita Repulsa in another version of reality. And that was all in #9 of BOOM! Studios ongoing series!

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In Issue# 11 -- the tenth issue featured a flashback story focusing on Billy's earliest days as the Blue Ranger --  the mysterious Ranger unmasked himself to reveal a familiar face: Tommy Oliver! However, this version has clearly lived a harder life than the rest of the original team, as he looks a bit older and sports some kind of marks on his face.

The issue also introduced Billy and Tommy to Saba, the talking tiger sword we associate with the White Range,r and a group of Black Ranger-based Mastodon Sentries. With so much going on, CBR got in touch with Higgins to talk about this surprise-filled issue!

CBR: Unmasking Lord Drakkon as an older version of Tommy will surely shock more than a few readers. I know you'll get into this as the story continues, but what can you say about this alternate version of a character so many people love?


Kyle Higgins: It's funny, because to me it's the most obvious answer to the question of "who's under the mask?" That said, sometimes the obvious story direction is the right story direction -- even if it's obvious.

I've always been a fan of cautionary tales, and what we're playing with here is a bit in that vein. What would have happened had Tommy never left Rita's side? I've alluded to it in the past, but Drakkon has a pretty fascinating backstory that led him to this point, and I'm excited to finally start diving into it.

Given that Drakkon has more experience, is surrounded by destroyed zords and is allies with some pretty bad people, how can the Rangers hope to have a chance against him, especially on his own turf?

Great question. Obviously, they're not going to be able to do it alone. So, who else is in this timeline that may be able to help? Stay tuned for issues 12 and 13 for answers.

At New York ComicCon's Power Rangers panel, some of the panelists talked about working a specific item into continuity, possibly bringing it from a different universe. Is it safe to say that's Saba? What made that such an important item to introduce during this story?

I actually wasn't at NYCC this year, so I'm not certain what they were referencing. There may be some alternate timeline elements that make it back to our world. But I'm not about to spoil what those are just yet!


I love inverting iconography. So, the idea of Saba as a sort of guide and way to establish what exactly went down here was an idea I latched onto pretty early on. Especially because it meant that Lord Drakkon wasn't in control of Saba. Why is that? What happened? How did Saba break free? All questions that add to the world building of an alternate timeline like this.

Last time we spoke, you mentioned that the mix of White and Green iconography in Dakkon would make sense. What were the key visual elements under the helmet that came to you right away?

The biggest one is that he's a good ten years older than our Tommy. Oh, and if you look carefully on that final splash page, you'll see some energy warping going on in the form of his veins and what not... which is something we'll be getting into in future issues.

This issue also introduced the Mastodon Sentries. Can you talk a bit about their development both in a story and design sense?

They're a part of Drakkon's army. Somehow, Drakkon has been able to split up the Mastodon power coin amongst a large number of soldiers... giving them all a piece of the mastodon power. It's gotta be nice to have an army of Ranger-powered soldiers, right?

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" #11, by Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya, is on stands now.

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