New Metal Gear Solid Adventures Begin with "Sons of Liberty"

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (July 27, 2005) Metal Gear Solid took the comic world by storm when it debuted last year, helped immensely by the awe-inspiring artwork from artist Ashley Wood. Now Wood is back for more, with the all-new MGS series, Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. Writer Alex Garner (CVO) teams with Wood for this latest installment of Konami's worldwide successful video game series.

Four years have passed since FoxHound hero Solid Snake saved the day on Shadow Moses Island. Now a new terrorist organization known as Dead Cell has hijacked the environmental cleanup facility known as the Big Shell–as well as taking the President of the United States hostage. Now Foxhound agent Raiden must join forces with the enigmatic Navy Seal known as Pliskin in order to rescue the President and neutralize Dead Cell, whose leader is rumored to be none other than Solid Snake himself!


"Forget what you know or thought you knew about Metal Gear Solid 2," said writer Alex Garner, "Whether you've ever played the videogame or not, this is Sons of Liberty told in a way never seen before, with a ton of new scenes and much more of fan-favorite Solid Snake!"

Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty #1, a full-color 32-page issue, debuts in October. This issue will feature two covers, shipped on a 1-to-1 ratio, from Ashley Wood and Alex Garner.

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KONAMI CORPORATION was established in 1973 and started manufacturing amusement machines for arcades. Konami was listed on the London Stock Exchange in September 1999, then on the New York Stock Exchange in September 2002.

Konami has built 7 businesses which are; "Computer & Video Games", "Toy & Hobby", "Amusement", "Online", "Multi-Media", "Gaming" and "Health & Fitness". In the Computer & Videogames business, Konami is a leading producer of many successful titles including the "METAL GEAR SOLID" series which has high approval ratings and has sold 18,700,000 in the world so far, in addition to "Pro Evolution Soccer", "SILENT HILL", and "Yu-Gi-Oh".


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