New Marvel Teaser Heralds Return To "Age Of Apocalypse"

Newsarama has unveiled Marvel's latest teaser, kicking off the third straight week of reveals from the publisher for a still unidentified "Summer 2015" event. The new image, by artist Andy Clarke, adds the 1995 X-Men event "Age of Apocalypse" to the a list of past story lines -- which can be seen in this round-up -- to receive new promotional art in recent weeks.

The original "Age of Apocalypse" event focused on a parallel Earth wherein Charles Xavier was murdered before he had the chance to form the X-Men. The ancient mutant Apocalypse then seized the opportunity to conquer the planet, while Magneto formed a band of X-Men to fight the mad tyrant. Summer 2015, the date listed on the image, will mark the story's twentieth anniversary.

This recent teaser madness started just after New York Comic Con with the reveal of a "Civil War" teaser by artist Adi Granov. There is much speculation that this resurgence in past events will be tied to "Secret Wars," a new -- or possibly old -- event by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. You can check out the full teaser image below.

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