New Luke Cage Clip Pits Him Against Some Small-Time Crooks

Luke Cage isn't exactly known for punishing small-time crooks because he "doesn’t like their tone," but -- in the latest clip released by Netflix -- that's exactly what reminds fans what he’s capable of. The video only lasts a minute but features Cage stopping a bullet with his bare hand, shattering a baseball bat and standing idly by as he lets a haymaker explode on his perfectly relaxed jaw.

>This is the first time fans have been able to see “the city’s new defender” since the release of the trailer, and Netflix does not disappoint. Mike Colter captures the mood of a hero who just wants to be left the hell alone as he steps up to help out a family whose business appears to be getting the shake down promised by the gangster Cornel Stokes/Cottonmouth, as played by Mahershala Ali.


Not so much a trailer as it is a teaser of what fans can expect in the coming series, the clip shows a Cage who’s slowly accepting his role as the hero of Harlem and embodying the words of Claire Temple: "Sometimes, if you want justice, you have to get it yourself.”

"Luke Cage" arrives on Netflix September 30.

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