New Logan Photo Confirms Dafne Keen as X-23

Although director James Mangold declined to confirm the identity of the girl in the first "Logan" trailer, a new photo seems to confirm she is indeed X-23.

An image of actress Dafne Keen posted this morning on the film's Instagram page is accompanied by the caption "Laura," an apparent reference to the real name of Marvel Comics character X-23, Laura Kinney.

Introduced on the animated series "X-Men: Evolution," the character made her comic book debut in 2004's "NYX" #4. In the Marvel Universe, she's a clone created from a damaged copy of Wolverine's genome who last year assumed the code name of her "father" and now headlines her own series, "All-New Wolverine."


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Providing commentary on the "Logan" trailer for Empire Magazine, Mangold said last week he was happy to "let speculation run rampant" about the identity of Keen's character.

“I think what this film is about in many ways is family," he said. From there out I’d let everyone figure out what we’re up to on their own, at least at this early stage. […] I’m not here today to confirm or deny anything. I think it’s great that everyone’s speculating and I think it reveals how smart the audience is, many of the fans, about these characters. I don’t think they’re on the wrong track.”

Whether this X-23 will hew close to her comic book origin remains to be seen. In the trailer, Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier tells Hugh Jackman's Logan that the girl is "like you ... very much like you." He could mean she's another mutant, an apparent rarity in the film's setting, but he also may have been suggesting she's a clone, making "very much like you" a literal statement.

Opening May 3, 2017, “Logan” also stars Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook and Stephen Merchant.

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